My approach

My approach is all about asking ‘Why?’ – why has an individual become unwell? It involves looking at the processes behind why we get sick and understanding exactly what it is that needs to be treated in each individual person.

Treatments used are supportive and with minimal intervention, and will nearly always include dietary changes, nutritional supplements and lifestyle approaches.

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What makes us ill?

Many elements in our environment, both natural and manmade, play a crucial role in how well we feel. Natural factors such as foods and naturally-occurring food chemicals, pollens and moulds, plus manmade elements such as chemicals, food additives, and many pollutants may interfere with our biochemistry and contribute to a weakened immune system.

An inadequate diet or poor digestive function, lifestyle, working and home environments, sleep patterns, infections, emotional health and levels of stress can all contribute to allergy and intolerances, nutritional deficiencies and a high body load of chemicals and pollutants. These factors in turn, combined with each person’s genetic susceptibility, can lead to a lack of energy, poor sleep, mood and behavioural changes and symptoms of all kinds of chronic illness.


Chemicals from our polluted environment can create harmful effects and overload the body’s ability to remove them. Deficiencies in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids can interfere with our detoxification systems, and some people have genetic differences which mean that certain detoxification pathways are less efficient at removing pollutants.


Even on an apparently healthy diet many of us still have nutritional deficiencies, the main reasons being depleted levels of nutrients available in the soil due to modern farming methods, nutritionally poor food due to manufacturing processes, an insufficient variety of foods, and various lifestyle factors which use up too many specific nutrients.

Our nutritional health is also hugely influenced by our internal environment, particularly the digestive system, home to ten times more microorganisms than cells in our whole body. These organisms interact with us, resulting in effects which may be beneficial or harmful.